Abeingo Bursary Fund


Abeingo Canada launched a bursary program in 2010 that generally aims at overcoming barriers which hamper access to education by needy students including HIV/AIDS orphans. The bursary is being supported through funds raised by Abeingo Canada well-wishers.

Since its inception in 2010, Abeingo bursary committee has awarded 20 scholarships to academically gifted needy students including HIV/Aids orphans in several high schools in Kenya.

Since the bursary caters for HIV orphans. Abeingo Canada decided to set aside special bursaries every year for organizations that deal with HIV orphans. In 2011-2012 The Involvement of Teachers Living Positively (TITLIP) organization based in Webuye Kenya, was identified as the beneficiary of this award.

Abeingo members celebrate the transformative role education has played in our lives. As such, we feel duty bound to reciprocate by facilitating provision of the same educational opportunities afforded to us to economically struggling yet academically competent students.

Funding for this bursary is made possible from the following sources and activities:

Bursary Reports